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VIN: 6L67S3Q433584
Owner: Most likeley dismantled...
Location: n/a
Remarks: This car was for sold on eBay in September of 2002 by Mr Steven Conrad of Skillman, NJ USA. This was actually the car that triggered me to take the final decision to obtain one of these fantastic cars. But I was a bit too slow, when I logged on eBay to place a bid the car had just been sold to Mr Scott Dillin of NJ USA.

I contacted the buyer a while after the auction and he was actually interested in selling the car although he had removed the interior (that was in surpringsingly good condition) and moved that to another Eldorado convertible. I pondered upon this for a while but decided to try to find a more complete car.

I think this car is no longer with us and has gone to Eldorado heaven, I have seen parts of this car being sold on eBay including the dash with the pace car plaque....

Photos: 6L67S3Q433584

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