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Besides the two actual pace cars they also made 53 cars used at the track during the race week for parades and the celebrity escort service. They also made 513 "official replicas" that were sold through the Cadillac dealers in the U.S. - one for each dealership. These were usually put on display for a while and then sold to the public.

These cars were all white (cotillion white) with red leather interior. They also had a special dash plaque stating that the dar was indeed a limited edition replica of the pace car for the 1973 indy 500. They also had special plastic red stripes, Indianapolis Motor Speedway logo's on both front fenders and the trunk. They also had the pace car lettering in red and black for the doors:

57th Annual Indianapolis 500 Mile Race
May 28, 1973

Pace Car Replica, small However, these dealership replicas were delivered with both the stripes, logo's and the lettering decals in the trunk and most owners choose not to mount them on the car for the delivery.

This is such a car, it has the special pace car stripes but it did not have the lettering on the doors nor the Indy 500 logo's mounted. (click the image for a larger version).

Some of the track cars even had mounts for the flag poles in the rear bumper, a very rare option indeed. A few of the track cars also had a round decal on the rear fenders stating"Festival Director". But all in all they were quite similar although they differ on having bench or bucket seats, rear window defroster or not, etc.



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