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I have recently started to track down as many of the remaining pace replicas made by Cadillac for the 1973 Indy 500. These are the cars that I have have found on the Internet and in some cases also been in contact with the owners of, note that this is only a part of the remaining cars. A few years back there was at least 50 known replicas.

If you own an unlisted replica of know anything about one, alive and well or scrapped, please contact me and I add it to the list - thank you!

VIN* Owner, location
28633 Morris Tschauer, Tennessee USA
28865 eBay seller , Michigan USA
New !
29242 eBay seller , California USA
29964 eBay seller , New Mexico USA
29689 Spencer Bueno, California USA
30107 Richard Asprey, Texas USA
30232 Unknown...
30414 Hank Hasiuk, North Carolina USA
30513 Tim Pawl, Michigan USA
30943 eBay seller, Georgia USA
30946 eBay seller, Illinois USA
31148 Dennis Twohy, California USA
31415 Christer Albrektson, Sweden
31616 eBay seller , Florida USA
32707 Lars Devenyi, Sweden
32800 eBay seller, Arizona USA
33031 Unknown...
33078 eBay seller, California USA
33211 eBay seller, Texas USA
33471 Randy Decker, NY USA
33514 eBay seller, Tennessee USA
33614 Lon Glenn, Texas USA
33690 Rick Wewatt, Georgia USA
34205 Terry Greeson, Georgia USA
34213 eBay seller, Florida USA
34485 eBay seller, New York USA
34584 Probably scrapped now...
34499 Unknown, Coral Springs Florida USA
34556 Gus Borschke, North Carolina USA
34806 Chris Pappaioanou, California USA
34875 Rikard Stenberg, Sweden
35060 eBay seller, Colorado USA
35129 eBay seller, Georgia USA
35378 Unknown, Charlotte North Carolina USA
35412 eBay seller, Indiana USA
35646 eBay seller, Colorado USA
36181 Gunnar Fredriksen, Norway
37445 I. W. Stevens, Kentucky USA
unknown... Unknown...
unknown... Unknown...
unknown... Unknown...
unknown... Unknown...

* All 1973 Eldorados convertibles including the official pace car replicas had VIN's starting with 6L67S3Q4.....


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