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The web site about the 1973 Indianapolis (Indy) 500 Mile race!

There are lot's of information available for the person that wan't to know more about Indianapolis 500 and official pace cars. But the absoluteley best source of information for the pace car of 1973 is the Authenticity Manual that the Cadillac-LaSalle Club has produced. If you are interested in the 1973 pace cars you should buy that folder which is packed with information!

But there are other sources of information also, for instance these books covering pace cars of the Indy 500:

Indy 500 Pace Cars

This book covers all pace cars from 1911 to 1996, including a short chapter on the 1973 race including four photo's (one of them just before the parade showing lot's of 1973 Eldorado's lined up).

Now this book claims that no pace car replias were sold to the general public this year, well we know that this is not true. Still a very nice book!<

Pace Cars of the Indy 500

This books also has a chapter on the 1973 pace car including one fantastic photo of all the track cars lined up at the start/finish straight! Highly recommended but can be difficult to find now and then.

Covers all the race years from 1911 to 1990.

The Official Chevrolet Indy Pace Car Book

Now this book does not cover the 1973 race as it is about Chevy's "only"- but still a great book for the person interested in Indy 500 pace cars!

Covering the races where a Chevy paced the Indy 500 from 1948 to 1990.



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