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In 1978 I read an article in an car magazine covering a 1973 Cadillac Eldorado convertible - I immediately fell for this car! Long sweeping lines and fantastic design and I knew that I wanted one from that moment. Little did I know it would take me over 20 years until I got mine.

But through the years I learned that Cadillac Eldorado was chosen as pace car for the 1973 Indianapolis 500 MIle Race - the Indy 500, the worlds largest singe sport event! And that Cadillac made a limited series of replicas/copies of the pace car - the car that was used during the start of the race and also to slow down the race cars when there was an accident out on the track.

I started gather information from the 1973 race which was one of the most "dark" of all the Indy 500's - lot's of accidents including a couple of fatal one's. This is the web site I have put together to describe som of the race but mostly to try to keep track of the 566 pace car replica's that were built.

The start of 1973 Indianapolis 500

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